Excellent employees.

Markou reached for her Scripps Research colleagues and formed a new research group to continue work of the initiative. I am very happy to have such excellent employees, the most advanced chemists and have extensive experience in drug discovery, she said. Having dismissed the neurobiological studies on the important role of the GABAB receptor in nicotine reward, and had positive data in a variety of animal models of nicotine dependence, it was time to intensify our efforts toward the discovery of new molecules that therapeutics will focus could help people stop smoking.

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Female diseases

Female diseases: the main problems after 30 years. Memo from a gynecologist
Excessive vigilance never hurts.

Ludmila Mikulic

Obstetrician-gynecologist- head of the women’s consultation of the 16th city clinical polyclinic in US

30 years – the flowering of women’s reproductive health

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