Tobacco Even worse Than Illegal Drugs?

‘The rankings also suggest the need for better regulation of the more threatening drugs that are currently legal, i.e. Alcohol and tobacco,’ wrote Wayne Hall, of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, within an accompanying Lancet commentary. Hall was not associated with Nutt’s paper. While professionals agreed that criminalizing alcohol and tobacco will be challenging, they stated that governments should review the penalties imposed for drug abuse and try to make sure they are more reflective of the actual risks and damages involved. Nutt needed more education so that people were aware of the risks of varied drugs. ‘All medications are harmful,’ he said. ‘Even the ones people know and love and use every day.’.., a leading global contract producer of top-branded vitamins and dietary supplements, from Mitsui & Co. , Inc. CornerStone is a leading pure-play nutritional supplement producer in the U.S. And develops, creates, and packages more than 500 different capsule, tablet, and specialty powder products for its customers. Included in these are mineral and nutritional vitamin supplements, botanicals, excess weight and energy management products, probiotics, and anti-aging/general wellness supplements that can be purchased through leading national and international nutritional product retailers and marketers. The Company can manage the complete formulation, design, and product sourcing process because of its customers. Its packaging capabilities consist of bottles, capsules, tablets, blister cards, pillow-packs, and bulk packaging.