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Simultaneously, health care professionals were sharing tales with experts about the women’s success in avoiding transmission of the HIV virus with their infants. From external influences Aside, age group emerged as a major factor in the decision. Almost 40 % of ladies age 30 and youthful chose to become pregnant while 11 % of the ladies over 30 opted for pregnancy. The most influential external factors on women’s options against pregnancy, regardless of age, were concern with transmitting HIV to a kid or other concerns about preserving their very own health.There was no significant difference in the price of quality 2 to 4 unwanted effects between the two groupings . Conversation There’s evidence that in the fit elderly, the outcome after intensive chemotherapy to induce a remission is superior to that with a wait-and-watch approach or dose-attenuated cytoreductive treatment.12-14 Our results produce a case for intensified initial treatment in older sufferers. Induction treatment with twice the most common dose of daunorubicin was not associated with a rise in serious unwanted effects or with a rise in early mortality or a decrease in overall survival.