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The article also explores the reasons pharmaceutical companies have had small incentive to purchase new [flu vaccine] systems and concepts about how the government could incentivize the search for new technology . Amount of H1N1 Deaths In Europe Continues To Rise, European Officials Record The number of deaths from H1N1 in Europe has doubled nearly every two weeks since the middle of October and 169 people passed away of the virus during the past week, disease surveillance specialists said on Monday, Reuters reports.‘I knew that if I was feeling in this manner, there had to be others sense my frustrations too. I then became students of the disease. ‘ After Hill completed his grueling but successful radiation remedies at M.D. Anderson Malignancy Center in Houston, he and his wife Ingrid founded The Oral Cancer Foundation in 1999, which really is a national nonprofit charity today. Besides its original mission of patient support, it is involved in advocacy problems, sponsorship of analysis and public awareness. ‘Being selected by ASTRO in this way is an enormous honor. I feel as if this is actually the second time I am the beneficiary, as I owe my being right here today to the doctors and radiation technology, which saved my entire life.’ He stated.