AML sufferers with either the 8.

They also tend to experience total remission and have a better general survival than do sufferers with most other subtypes of AML. Furthermore, the researchers were surprised to find that nonwhite AML sufferers with the 8;21 translocation were almost six moments less likely to achieve complete remission following the initial therapy than were whites. The findings were published in a recent problem of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. James Cancer Richard and Medical center J. Solove Analysis Institute . The scholarly study is part of a larger CALGB cytogenetic trial chaired by Clara D.After adjustment for crossover with the rank-preserving structural failure time model, the hazard ratio for death with crizotinib was 0.60 as calculated with the Wilcoxon test and 0.67 while calculated with the log-rank test , indicating that crossover may have confounded the outcomes of the principal overall survival analysis. Among individuals randomly assigned to crizotinib, 65 of 89 individuals with progressive disease continued to get crizotinib beyond disease progression for a median of 3.1 months . A complete of 21 sufferers assigned to crizotinib subsequently received platinum-structured chemotherapy.