Advocates desire Senate to reject forced treatment provision in Rep.

4302, includes a four-yr, $60 million grant system , proposed by Rep. Tim Murphy in December 2013. ‘This legislation would eliminate initiatives that make use of evidence-based, voluntary, peer-run family members and services supports to greatly help people diagnosed with serious mental illnesses to recuperate,’ stated Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., a psychiatrist and an NCMHR founder. ‘It would bring America back again to the dark ages before de-institutionalization, when people who have mental health conditions languished in institutions, sometimes for life.’ The provisions of H.R. 3717 would exchange low-cost, community-based services with good outcomes for high-cost yet ineffective interventions, based on the NCMHR; the National Disability Rights Network , the nonprofit membership organization for the federally mandated Safety and Advocacy Systems and Customer Assistance Programs for individuals with disabilities; and the National Council on Independent Living , which advances independent living and the privileges of people with disabilities through consumer-driven advocacy.Government’s global initiative and the largest health initiative ever sold now provides antiretroviral medication to nearly four million people worldwide,’ and compares this to the United States, where ‘CDC Director Thomas Frieden says that just 28 % of HIV-positive folks are getting effective treatment.’ Noting that the opening ceremonies of the Olympics coincided with the ultimate day of the AIDS 2012 conference, he writes, ‘How shall we live, knowing the proper time of youthful athletic prowess is brief, knowing, as HIV/Helps reminds us, that complete life is fragile, short and precious? Rather, I choose – – and can continue to urge others – – to become listed on the band of warriors who function tirelessly to defend life.