Abbott has been named the leading company in its industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

About Abbott’s method of citizenship At Abbott, we see incredible potential to make life better. This notion is at the core of our method of global citizenship – creating a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive business that builds better lives and stronger communities around the world. We concentrate on three concern areas that are most significant for our business and the countless people we serve: delivering product excellence, improving access and safeguarding the environment.We by no means learned to question. It’s been my experience that most of my restrictions were place upon me – not by others, but by me. Me! Not really because I wanted to, or even meant too. But I simply wasn’t aware that I was doing this. You see, if you hear the same factors over and over you begin to trust them without question. So, what you should do is use your analytical conscious mind to assist you cure cancer. Decide for yourself everything you believe. Question everything you hear – outside and inside of your head.